Do our Film and Video in Language Teaching course online

For the first time you can join Kieran Donaghy on the online version of our most popular course Film and Video in Language Teaching.

Explore principles and possibilities for exploiting film and video in your classroom. Find out how we can use visual narratives to get out students listening, thinking, writing, speaking and collaborating.

Get exclusive video lectures, handouts, lesson plans and film guides.

A 3-week course with continual support at every stage and detailed feedback on the final project. An estimated 5-8 hours study per week.

Through Film and Video in Language Teaching:

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the potential for film and video in the language classroom.
  • You will take away a wealth of knowledge about how create activities and lesson plans around film and video.
  • You will develop a greater awareness of how to use film and video to help your  students acquire vocabulary more efficiently, and become more effective listeners and viewers.
  • You will learn how to boost your students’ visual literacy and critical thinking.

In addition:

  • You will be awarded The School for Training certification upon completion of the course.
  • You will have access to the platform and all the materials on it for 12 months after the course ends.



Sunday 4th October

The opening webinar takes place  and course material is made available .

Sunday 18th October

The second webinar takes place and final coursework is set.

Sunday 25th October

Final coursework is handed in.

Friday 30th October

Feedback is sent and certification awarded.

We recommend registering for the course early as it’s likely to be very popular.




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2 comments on “Do our Film and Video in Language Teaching course online

  1. Hi!!!
    please can you tell me what exact time the course is Starting>
    thanks in advance
    Julie Daye

    1. Hi Julie,
      I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. As I mentioned in my email the other day the course starts at 17.00 CET on Sunday 4th October.
      Really looking forward to working with you on the course.Many thanks.All the ebst,

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