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The School for Training is a small specialist teacher development institute, providing courses of the highest quality for teachers from all over the world. The school was founded and is run by award-winning writer and trainer Kieran Donaghy who has over thirty years of experience in English language teaching and extensive experience of designing and delivering courses for teachers.

The school offers innovative courses on important areas of language pedagogy not normally covered on CELTA or DELTA courses such as how to use short films and videos, the role of social and emotional intelligence, how to teach older adult learners, helping students with dyslexia learn languages and the fifth skill of Viewing in the language curriculum.

The School for Training gives teachers the training to meet their students’ needs and promote positive change in the classroom and beyond. Teachers learn to think deeply, critically and creatively about teaching and learning. Classes are varied, practical and hands-on, but with reference to relevant theory. With this thorough background in theory and practice, teachers are better prepared to intelligently and compassionately serve their students.

Our courses are rooted in The School for Training’s commitment to progressive educational and social change – our approach to language instruction embeds empathy, compassion, diversity, justice, equity, and inclusion as core values of teaching and learning.

What trainees say

“Apart from being knowledgeable Kieran couldn’t have been nicer to all of us. He connected with the group immediately and was so kind, respectful, empathetic and enthusiastic, he grabbed my attention the whole time. Time passed very quickly last week. In my opinion, Kieran was born to be a teacher. He was very professional as well sending all the materials and links. I wish I could attend another course again.”

montse riera

“Among many other things, I liked the very systematic approach to the topic and the fact that the trainer always told us when something was based on research. I also appreciated that there was room for discussion and that we could try out some of the activities ourselves. So we were actively involved.”

antonia marcos

“Kieran was really close to us and made us feel comfortable from the very first minute. He was a passionate, enthusiastic trainer who transmitted his knowledge in a very clear and entertaining way. Besides, I particularly liked the practical approach of the course (a lot of practical activities interesting resources, tips and examples were provided).”

markus schmidt

“He was enthusiastic about everything he was explaining, so it was easy to feel engaged and motivated. The lessons well very well organized and very helpful in order to keep on learning and I feel ready to apply the new methods and tools in my primary lessons.”

nick caine

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