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Using Short Films in the Primary Language Classroom

Hello colleague, I’m Kieran Donaghy, your tutor who will accompany you all the way through the course, offering help and individual assessment to each one of you. Before we start the course, I’d like you to read the brief guide to the course below. Why are you here? Each of you will have your own […]

Ways of exploiting short films and videos in materials writing

Ways of Exploiting Film and Video in ELT Materials Writing   Preparation Video activities have traditionally been categorized into pre-viewing, while-viewing and post-viewing tasks. This approach appears to be practical, consistent and fairly well-established among publishers and most briefs for writers generally include this type of guidance. Unless the publisher has indicated otherwise, it is […]

Guidance on choosing short films and videos for ELT

Watch the video and then read the text about sourcingĀ film and video for ELT materials writing.   The Benefits of Using Video and Film in ELT The visuality of video and film makes it an invaluable language teaching tool. This visuality means that students often understand much more because they can interpret the language within […]

A framework for student film and video production

Watch the video and then read the article about a simple framework for film and video creation in the language classroom. 7-stage film-making framework   Stage 1 The first stage involves preparation: Decide on a basic topic and type of film you want your students to create. Thereā€™s a danger of giving too much choice. […]

How to exploit new short film and video genres?

Please watch the video about new short film and video genres. Now read this article about how to exploit these new short film and video genres. The increasing ease of creating short films has led to new genres which can be easily and successfully exploited in language teaching. We are going to explore some of […]

How can short films and videos be used to teach vocabulary?

Please read this article about how to use short films to teach vocabulary in the language classroom.   There are two main reasons why films are useful for teaching vocabulary. Firstly, film is a good way of teaching theme-related vocabulary because it puts it into a clear visual context. Students often understand much more because […]

How can short films be used to foster empathy?

Read the article on how short films can be used to foster empathy. Empathy, which has been beautifully defined byĀ Roman KrznaricĀ as ā€œthe art of stepping imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actionsā€, may be one of the qualities which distinguishes an average […]

How can short films and videos be used to raise awareness of values?

Read the article on using short films and videos to raise awareness of values   In an increasingly hyper-competitive and individualised world where isolation and loneliness are more and more prevalent, the role of universal values such asĀ altruism, authenticity, community, compassion, creativity, determination, fairness, honesty, generosity, kindness, optimism, respect, responsibility, self-respect, tolerance, and wisdom in […]

How can short films be used as narratives and prompts for written communication?

Please watch the video and then read the article about using short films as narratives and prompts for writing. Short films are particularly useful as they can be exploited in a single lesson, yet they offer a complete narrative, with the power to capture and hold the studentsā€™ attention. Makers of short films usually work […]

How can we use silent short films?

Read this article about how to use silent short films in the language classroom. Ā  One of the most intriguing developments in the renaissance of the short film is the increasing number of silent films which are being produced. There are two reasons why todayā€™s film-makers are choosing to create silent films. Firstly, they want […]
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